Designed to fit over your existing furnishings, SureFit slipcovers turn your sofas, loveseats and chairs into accent pieces that complement your lifestyle and show off your design panache.


Chair Relaxed Fit Slipcovers

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1-Piece Collection

A chic and stylish furniture accessory.  This is a great option, even if you do not have removable seat cushions.

Cabana Bone Chair Slipcover

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2-Piece Collection
Our 2-piece collection includes one slipcover for the body of the furniture and one for the removable bench (also called 'seat cushions').  Refresh your furniture in a variety of ways:
1) Accentuate both the bench and the body with both pieces, or 2) Create a relaxed silhouetted by using just one.  
All 2-piece collection slipcovers fit square and T-cushions.